No Hitters in baseball due to cheating


I haven’t watched in years.

I catch minor league and college games when I can, but otherwise I don’t give a fuck anymore.

Whiny prima donna’s…

Bullfrog sunscreen basically turns into glue when introduced to rosin…

Pitchers have a rosin bag…


Mound needs to be lowered or moved back. The most obvious modification that can be made that will significantly improve things.

End the shift. Designate zones position players have to be in before the ball is pitched.

Robot strike zone. Take morons like Hernandez out of the equation. Strikes and balls are objective metrics. An unhit pitch can only be one of two. There’s zero room for judgement there. We have the tech now. End eyeballing the strike zone.

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I don’t see how you can ban the shift though. Do you then set up chalk lines that each position player is not allowed to go past?


I think that’s what they’re going to have to do. It’s been long enough we now know batters will never be able to adjust at this point.

That would then make the field look like a giant mess. The aesthetics of it alone would turn most people off

I just think it should be simple. The third baseman and short stop positions can’t play to the right of the 2nd base bag, and vice versa.

It’s not much of a different concept to Football, and where you are allowed to lineup for each position.

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Exactly. Very easy to enforce.

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Couldn’t you then get around that then though by bring in either the right fielder or center fielder, and having the left fielder move up and the 3rd baseman move back?

I think to a degree, no. Outfielders have to stay in their respective “fields”

You’re just opening a massive can of worms by saying they can’t move past second base imo

Why? why should the short stop position start in center right field while the third baseman is playing straight up behind the 2nd base bag. 2nd baseman is essentially playing shallow right field

The can of worms was allowing the shift to this degree in the first place.

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Although, its mind bottling to me that a major league hitter isnt skilled or smart enough to just slap the ball the other way.

Hell, a bunt to the third base side with the shift on would create all kinds of havok

Nope, gotta have that launch angle swing though

Guessing this isn’t what the positional roles were intended to be


If i were a MLB coach, i would make my players do pushups every time they just batted into the shift, like Major league and Willie Mays Hayes every time he hits the ball in the air.


Just saying you could easily get around the “3rd and shortstop can move past second base” rule

Batters need to adapt better and learn to hit the ball the opposite way

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How would you get around it? The Right fielder can play up into shallow right all he wants, but he risks having a shot go over his head.

Centerfielder shouldn’t be allowed to come play right field either. Outfielders have to stay in their lanes.

The shortstop can’t be over into shallow right, and the third baseman can’t be in right-center field.

It’s not really rocket surgery here.

It’s the baseball positions as god intended (even though he can’t hit a curveball)

Right fielder moves in, center fielder moves to right, left fielder moves to center. How ever you want to do it, the outfielders can simply all move round.

Yeah, don’t like it.

I hate the shift, i think it’s bullshit. But it’s on the hitters to adjust, and most just seem to be unable to, or unwilling to.

I’d like to see the shift taken out of the game entirely and players have limits on how far away from their intended position they can play. Coming in or moving back is one thing…but playing on the other side of the field or clearly in another defined position is horse shit.

How do they figure out the spin rate on the balls?