No Hitters in baseball due to cheating

No to lowering the mound. I like seeing the break on pitches.

Definite no on ending the shift. It’s a strategy and longtime part of baseball.

Robot Strike zone, yeah I’d be cool with this suggestion. I wonder why it hasn’t been implemented in soccer/fifa. So many judgement calls like offsides or the ball crossing/not crossing the goal line that easily could be fixed with micro chips in players shoes, the ball, and goal line. Soccer is very corrupt so that’s my guess as to why it’s not in fifa.

But how is the shift different from other defensive tactics, like bringing the infield in when the bases are loaded?


Coming in or backing up, you are still in your assigned position. The third baseman playing where the second baseman should be is way different

Infielders playing at the front of the dirt to be able to make a fast play at home, or playing at the back of the dirt at double play depth is a hell of a lot different than taking all your infielders and playing them between 1st and 2nd

If you get rid of the shift, the same logic would be to enforce batters not adjusting their swing. You can’t choke up. You can’t widen your stance.

That’s stupid. It’s a game of options and should remain that way. Batters can learn how to hit it where they aint.


Same thing happened in nba with 3 pointers

You guys smell that?

It smells like op was right

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God could. It was Jesus that had the issue

I think a big part of the reason MLB is going to look into this is the casual fan now knows about this. It’s everywhere online. On every Instagram page that is related to MLB or Pitchers you have people in the comments bringing this up mentioning Spider Tac or Sunscreen/rosin etc…

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