No hope for BJ PENN?

I keep reading threads that people pose giving BJ no chance at all, looking past him and talking who Rory should fight next.

Really guys?

No hope at all?! Phone Post

i have hope. you can never count bj out. Phone Post

Always a chance for a slip and fall.

Seem like out of no where alot of people all of a sudden r countin bj out.not me war bj penn!!!!!! Phone Post

You got to BELIEVE!!!! Phone Post

No hope that he loses imo, BJ is on a different level to Rory, we're talking about one of the p4p all time greatest fighters ever. He looks motivated, in shape and ready to walk through rory.

I like Rory as a fighter, but his last comments are ridicules! Saying shit like Bj is fighting for the wrong reason. Who the fuck are you to judge that? Some people fight for money, some for fame or glory. Still fighting their ass off to achieve the same goal if you look ate the bigger picture.

I hope Bj smashes his face in for that! Phone Post

RNC Shaka Shaka bitches! Phone Post

Let's go Bj!!! Phone Post