No hype on Arnold Allen?

With all the hype on Sage atm there's another young fighter who is a beast. Tapped out a game Alan Omer with a sick choke on very short notice, kids got a bright future Phone Post 3.0

Guess not then lol but trust me this guy is legit Phone Post 3.0

What are his hair and abs like? Phone Post 3.0

Arnold Allen is pretty dreamy, imo

UGCTT_FryedTakayama - What are his hair and abs like? Phone Post 3.0
Biceps and cardio Phone Post 3.0

Oh and how big is his cawk? I forgot the most important question. Phone Post 3.0

I believe the hype!
Watched his first fight on short notice and he was an underdog but looked very good indeed!

Surprisingly isn't on this Dublin card.
Injured? Phone Post 3.0

Yeah his debut was a great come from behind sub. I was hoping we'd see him back in there much quicker. I guess they could be saving him for the UK show in February but that seems like too long in between fights.

Then again the kid is only 21 and still developing, a few months off at this stage will probably benefit him.

Nope he's not injured, in the gym every day working hard from what I gather. I'll have to ask about his next fight but I knows he's been down in Canada training with Tristar recently Phone Post 3.0

Card -

Perfect! Phone Post 3.0