No ISIS killed in US drone air strike. Not one but 7 kids Joe!

The US state department was quick to claim credit for killing the ISIS leader that coordinated bomb attacks at airport. The strike killed ten including 7 children. Only problem is that not one ISIS fighter was killed. Only innocent afghans. Good job Joe! You killed a family for PR. “Just go kill anyone over there, I think I told the world we would not rest until we got them….cmon man I just don’t remember so go kill those Armenians man…err I mean afghanis. We can lie about who we hit…Nobody will be left to tell the truth!”


Same for the past 20 years of presidents.

…and they accused Trump of war crimes when he droned Soleimani.


Thanks. Trump!

What’s funny is nobody believed the story from the start…thats the faith we have in our leaders right now


Every admin does this shit. Unfortunately it’s no unique the senile old president we currently have. I remember us bombing the chinese embassy during the early days

RIP to the innocent people killed


From the US government, we would like to say…Sorry


ISIS K(ids)

“Know this we are coming for you ISIS K”

-Joe Biden



“Yes, the strike missed it’s intended target but what’s important to remember is that this made way for 10 more Afghani allies that otherwise wouldn’t have had space on the evacuation airplanes.”

-Joe Biden’s teleprompter

I remember fett ninja (and others) condemning trump for that… almost sympathetic to the terrorists

Ninja went on for pages trying to tell us he wasn’t a “registered terrorist… lol what happened to him anyway?


He moved to Afghanistan

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The Biden administration already got what they wanted.

They just wanted the HEADLINE of a counterstrike for the optics at that time.

The info that comes out days or weeks later doesn’t get the same amount of coverage or attention.

Playing with human lives in the name of politics.


Now imagine russia did this to a family in Alabama

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To all you people blame Biden, or the left, or the liberals:

That was AMERICA that did that. Both sides.

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And congress got all pissed off and tried to tell Trump they had to approve it first.

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