No jk: how to get a message to UFC / Dana

 This is not a joke or a troll, does anyone know how to get a message to the UFC ?.

I know that they are investigating potential new markets for TUF.  As a fan I would be interested in seeing Africa get into the mix.  MMA in South Africa got off to a slow start, but has exploded.  The culture in SA is very much like Brazil, the sport is already big, and will be huge.  Ticket sales for the local shows are already getting up close to 10 000
Some sites of interest: 



I realize that with the market research the UFC do, they are probably aware of this but it will not hurt to TTT this until someone with some kind of contact can pass it on.


Ttt Phone Post

 kony vs mugabe

 make it happen dana.

DamnSevern -  kony vs mugabe

 make it happen dana.


 Post a thread on this board. You don't really believe they aren't reading?

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Fuck south Africa. Damn genocide of the white man going down. Phone Post

Illegally stream the next PPV. Make sure you sign up with your primary email account and you'll be hearing from the UFC before you know it.