no knees hurt Heath/UFC again

heath's best weapon has always been his knees from front head lock position or on the ground. you could tell the anaconda choke wasn't his first choice of action. here's another fight where the outcome could have been different if knees were allowed.

at least let the wet towel be punished for his gameplan.

and yes, heath looked god awful... but if that were pride he could have done something more with that position. he took very little damage... and the one opportunity he was given to go on the offensive was severely handicapped by the rules.

this is what his fight with kerr would have looked like if it had been in the ufc.

No, Herring just sucked tonight. Rogan had it right on, absolutely no takedown defense whatsoever. I was very disappointed in The Texas Crazy Horse :(

herring was manhandled just as badly against erickson and kerr before winning both fights... both superior wrestlers to o'brien.

herring's never had any consistently effective offense or defense except for his knees on the ground

His sprawl consisted of just flopping to the mat with no hip pressure at all. Against a good wrestling that will............well, you saw what would happen.

Knees would have hurt Herring not helped him.

Herring lost to a better fighter. Deal with it.

Herring didn't do his Berzerker charge and didn't wear Pride biker shorts = sloppy loss.

He's always relied on his knees like you guys said and berserker charges to win. He was totally out of his element with that boxing stance.

You know herring was thinking "I could KO him right now"

I don't think knees to the head would have made a difference. O'Brien would have simply stayed out of that position.

Heath hurt himself... fact.

Heath never trapped him under his sprawl. He flopped to the mat
sideways every time doing half the work for O'Brien.

"Herring lost to a better fighter. Deal with it."

i'm dealing with it just fine. in my opinion herring has always been a sloppy mess.

i just hate when fighters are handicapped by the rules... and in my opinion, the absence of knees hurts more than the absence of elbows. if there was any way that fight wasn't going to go to a decision, it would have been at that point when heath instead opted for the anaconda choke.

hated when nick diaz lost to riggs when riggs was on all fours waiting for a punt to the head as well.

i can't wait until the first person consistently takes advantage of the rules and crawls towards his handicapped opponent as his main strategy. would have worked better for franklin.

"Knees would have hurt Herring not helped him."

well damn that would have probably given o'brien some fight ending ability. i'm all for it. i don't care who won... i just don't like the handicap.