No Leftist is Safe from the Future

If today you are very careful to always use the most “Politically Correct” term of the moment for everything:

“People of Color”



In years to come, you will be excoriated and villainized for using those “outdated terms”. As we have seen repeatedly, the defense “well that was the common term used at the time” is no defense. You will have to apologize for once openly using a term that is so far out of favor.

Even as the most devout Leftist ally there is literally not a single PC term you can use in 2021 that will not be used as a weapon against you in the future.

Crazy to think about but, ANY term you use WILL be used to damn you in the future. There’s no way to escape a trap set in the future. Even in death your grand kids and great, grand-kids will be disgusted by the terms used in 2021.


What you done did with the thread title…

I sees it.

Edit: your edit makes this comment senseless lol

Also in the future OP will still be a faggot :wink:

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Oceania motherfucker, what

In order to have power over others, the Left continuously changes the language it uses.

The “correct” P.C. term gets replaced by a new P.C. term and the old --once correct term-- become a “slur” very quickly.

There is no way to win --and that’s the point of the game; to make sure regular people can always be “wrong” and in a position of apologizing for breaking the rules as the ever moving goal posts speed by them at 100mph.



This was also predicted by Orwell, IIRC


Ahhh, excuse me, Shen. Do I see “Black Belt” next to your name? That is already racist. We’ve decided “Pink” belts are the new top of the heap and we got rid of “White” belts, because they were repressive.

And then you called people ‘Leftists?’ Can you stop bringing your hate-energy to the conversation? Like, the term ‘we’ prefer is “Left-of-center-heroes-of-people.” We did call ourselves, “Left-of-center-heroes-of-mankind,” but we felt “mankind” was sexist.

Please call us by our correct terms, you fascist, capitalist word-Pig.

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Gene Lebell approves

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My Grandpa, God rest his soul, Always referred to black people as “Colords”. It drove my niece, 20 no pics, crazy. He always told her “When I was young we called them n***ers”. He never meant any harm, it was just the dialect he grew up with.

He saw it as progress. My niece… not so much.

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I warn my wife of this often. We’re seeing it up here in Canada with the attempt to remove John A. MacDonald from public places and whatnot because of his involvement with residential schools.

He was seen as very progressive in his approach towards Canada’s first nations at the time but through today’s viewpoint he’s is seen as a white racist devil. People need to realize that what is celebrated as progressive and liberal thinking today could be seen as terrible and harmful if viewed through the lenses that future generations might look back with.

But people have been encouraged and even rewarded for throwing tantrums in order to feel virtuous so I doubt it will stop.

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My grandma always calls them ‘colored folk,’ too. She was visiting last month (92 and still going strong-ish) and said there are so many ‘colored folk around here. Black ones, brown ones, asians, It’s like a rainbow!’ Then she preceded to tell me how the KKK actually did some good things and her daddy had been in the KKK growing up and they always gave her good gifts on Christmas.

All of this was in the middle of a busy Costco food court area, so…fuck me.

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I didn’t write that next to my name. The Man (Kirik) and his “system” are responsible for that. Probably reminds them of the belts they hung around the necks of runaway slaves or something. Disgusting!

Personally, I use the term “Sinch of All Colors”, for the object I wear around my waist and I fully acknowledge that I do so upon stolen land as part of a community that is actively committing eco-genocide by practicing upon foam mats.


If Justin Trudeau has taught me anything it’s that we call it “peoplekind” these days.

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As long as you feel REALLY guilty, we of the left-of-center-heroes-of-peoplekind welcome you.

And everything you read, write, view.

Will be able to be used against you in the new orwellian society. :frowning:

we still call them colored we just use people-first language which started in the 70s.

colored people → people of color
homeless people → people experiencing homelessness or people that are homeless
mentally ill lady → lady with mental illness

you recognize the person as a person first before you recognize their descriptor. maybe a little silly but it’s a pretty easy rule to understand and follow both grammatically and socially.

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I had never heard the homeless one before.

And Metally Ill Ladies are “Karens.” At least on the OG.

Nig***s became negros became blacks became black people became colored people became people of color became African American became BIPOC became…

It’s all bullshit!

people experiencing homelessness is a bit of a stretch IMO, but the media outlets use it all the time.

mentally ill ladies usually are seen in the wild being karens.

the one that really cracks me up is gentlepersons. even my spell check thinks it’s wrong.

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