No Leftist is Safe from the Future

Oh, so those won’t change then? We’re good?

Those terms won’t be switched in the near future…?


I’m always surprised and a bit worried for the accounts that post here while calling this place a far right site or even “stormfront”. Why would anyone post here if they believed that? They’d lose their jobs and probably their wive’s boyfriends.

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It’s already begun.

The Merriam Webster Dictionary LITERALLY rewrote the English language to attack a Republican Supreme Court nominee. Literally within hours of her using the term ‘sexual preference’.

Merriam-Webster on Tuesday changed its definition of “preference” to note that the term is “offensive” when used in connection to an individual’s sexual orientation, just as a Senate Democrat was criticizing Judge Amy Coney Barrett for using the term during her Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

Until at least September 28, the dictionary had defined “preference” to include reference to sexual orientation, but on Tuesday, the official definition was edited to include a note that the word’s usage in that context is “offensive.”

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Fuck. Even Big Dictionary is against the GOP. How the fuck do they win anything? lol

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