No Limit cash game vs. Tourny

 Need some advice about strategy when it comes to No Limit hold Em Cash games vs. Tournament style.  Specifically when it comes to betting and going "all in."  I heard that you should be more prone to going "all in" during cash games as opposed to when you are in a tournament setting.  I'm asking because I'm going to be playing in a homegame next weekend, but it hasnt been decided yet if we are going to play tourny or cash game style.  

 Any type of advice would be appreciated.

As I understand it, the reasoning behind that is because if you go all in during a regular cash game and lose, you end up losing your money and have to buy in again. However, when you go all-in in a tourney, if you lose, that's it, you're out of the tournament (assuming no re-buys).

Right now I've got some work to do and can't write out more, so I'm going to leave it to the forum members who are more experienced with poker (home games and tourneys) then I am. However, it would probably help if you had more info such as do you know what the blinds are going to be like in either situation and if it's a tourney are the blinds going to be increasing as the night goes on or is it just going to be one set blind price for the whole night. Also, what's the payout looking like, is it winner take all or do the top three people get cash or is it like the final table is in the money, or what