No Limit Fighting.... the most unprofessionally run show around. I made the horrid mistake of fighting for them on an April 26th show, even after hearing about the debacle where they stiffed fighters on cash by cancelling a fight on the DAY of the fight! After all those fighters flew in, trained their asses off, and showed up ready to bang, the promoter (Phil Flathers) cancelled the show, didn't give anyone show up money, and literally ran out a back door while Don Frye was left trying to calm down a crowd of angry fighters, then got knocked the fuck out by an angry bodygaurd!

When I fought in April at the No Limit show in Houston, TX, I decided to give Phil a second chance and had a hard fight against Marcus Gaines, who's a great standup fighter out of Sacramento, Ca. First, there was not more than 200 people in attendance because of poor advertisement. There was NO posters or internet buzz put out before the show, and they paid for it. Secondly, I was to fight for the Middle Weight belt, but right before I stepped into the cage, Phil came to me and told me that if I won, they didn't have new belts made yet, but they'd send it to me in the mail. Since I was about to fight, I didn't have time to argue.

Three hard fought rounds later, Marcus Gaines was disqualified for kneeing me to the groin several times, something which I honestly think was an accident, but I won the MW title. After the show in the dressing room, a drunken doctor (Dr. Jorge Guerrero), took one look at a cut on my leg I had received after kicking Marcus who knows where, and started sewing it with no gloves on, no sterilization, not even wiping the blood, dirt, and sweat that was covering the wound. With me worried about my throbbing balls, I didn't say anything again, much to my chagrin, because 4 days later, the stitches became so infected, that when the sutures were removed, puss burst from the cut, and the top layer of my shin bone had to be shaven because the infection was so deep. When you looked into the cut, you could see the whole white of my shin bone, and the infection had spread 3 inches in circumference around the inside of my leg.

I was a Naval Corpsman with Marines for 4 yrs, and I had never seen an infection that bad, and neither had the doc who treated me. For weeks, I had to stuff and remove several inches of iodoform (a type of sterile dressing) INSIDE the cut on my leg so that it could heal inside out properly. I had to do this with NO pain meds because of the antibiotics they had me on was contradictive to all meds out there.

When the Dr. was contacted by my lawyer, he stated that since he did was fight doctor for free, he didnt' feel any responsibility for my leg, and that when you get stitches you can ALWAYS expect infection. Real nice...I almost lost my fucking leg over a little, one inch long cut, but that's "expected". So, now, I got a nice, nasty looking scra on my leg, they NEVER sent the belt in the mail because according to Phil, after the fight, they had questions as to whether or not I was fouled, even though three different reporters wrote that they saw all FIVE strikes to my groin, and how the last one was so hard, people in the front row and all the judges heard his knee crash into my groin cup.

Please, do yourselves a favor and DO NOT ever fight or attend any one of the No Limit Fighting shows. You will be mentally raped afterwards, and feel the need for a long, scalding shower.

Cedric "Spider Man" Marks

I heard the story about him stiffing fighters at the event where Frye got in a fight with that bodyguard. Sounds like a guy to steer clear of.

Sucks about your leg.

Wow, I hope everything works out for you. It is always terrible news to hear of a fighter being taken advantage of by promoters.

Best of luck - heal up quickly and fight again!

i hope you are still planning on sueing that doctor. might sue the promoter too. That's all fucked up.

 terrible to hear. I dont like guys like that representing MMA

Sorry to hear it. Great post though. Thanks for letting us know about these cheesedicks.

I doubt you need to hear it from me since you obviously have a lawyer, but you have a very strong lawsuit on your hands here.  That's medical malpractice.

 lol, who gives a shit if the doctor doesn't "feel he's responsible."  That means absolutely fuck all.  Sue the fucker.

 That's actually an extremely irresponsible thing to say, particularly to a lawyer.  You're basically admitting negligence.

Thanks for the info bro. Hope all goes well and you heal up strong. God Bless

Cedric - will that keep you off Emerald Queen Casino card, or are you better?

Jesus with MMA coming soon to Pennsylvania this is the type of thing I am praying DOESN'T happen.

Anytime MMA is new in a jurisdiction - there will be douchebag promoters taking advantage of fighters.

MMA has been approved and on the lawbooks here in Washington State longer than any other state... and there are STILL douchebags taking advantage of fighters and fans.

 i hope you recover soon.. and i hope you sue the shit out of the doctor, the promoter, and the promoter's insurance company.

Thanks for all the well wishes. My leg is healed up now...what's left is an ugly ass scar and an area that's raised and as hard as a knuckle. It's definitely malpractise that the doc is facing. Regardless of whether or not he did the service for free, if you render aid to a person and do more harm, then you are succeptable to a lawsuit, especially if you have a damned medical license. I never like to talk shit about any promo, but ones like this one just really screw fighters over. The only redeeming factor is that I was at least paid all my money, but as I told the promoter, the belt was most important to me because I have two other belts, but I have three sons and I wanted to give each one a belt just for momentos.

DJ, I have no idea if I'm even going to be still fighting. I was supposed to fight Julio Paulino, but I know that Hallman kicked him off the card because he's fighting Travis Deorge tomorrow night at another show. Now, I'm just up in limbo. You'd think after tko'ing and ko'ing 5 of my last six opponents that I'd be able to catch more fights, but I think some folks may be starting to look at me as a record ruiner. I was again supposed to fight Mario Miranda on a show too tomorrow night, but he pulled out at the last second because even though he's unbeaten and a submission guru, his camp didn't want to risk a loss by me right now before he's had a chance at the UFC...4 of the guys that I just beat had perfect records til I fought them, and it probably doesn't look good that a "journyman" fighter like me beat them when everyone knows I get all my moves from comic books and video games;-) Speaking of which, I can't wait to try out these new moves I just learned from Darth Vader on the new Soul Caliber 4....LOL!!! The worst part about this is I'm serious;-)


 I'm ALL IN!!!!!!!

That sucks Cedric.

Hope it all works out in the end for you.