No Limit Tank=Muneta!!

Dude, I was trying to explain to someone tonight at my bar why I like Muneta so much. I was telling them that he reminds me of Yamashita with his constant attacking and just bringing it all of the time.

No matter how badly he seems to be getting outgripped he fights and scraps until he gets something. I love that little guy. Can I get an amen?!!!


Tartaruga: He actually looks taller than I thought he was in that picture. I know he is on the 1st post on the podium, but I thought he was about 5'8" and he looks about 5'10" in the pic. That cat is just phenomenal and I love his fighting spirit.

Kind of a case of wrong time to be Japanese...Kosei and Keiji. Keiji gets bumped up because Kosei is so damned dominant. King of like Saito and Yamashita:-)


muneta just won the worlds at +100. suzuki at open, and we all know that kosei just won at -100 again.

munteta is a damn strong lil bastard. jefferson told me that at the german masters he was getting pinned and literally bench-pressed the guy right off of him. that does not happen at the +100 category.

Yeah buddy, out of all the competitors in the last Olympics I enjoyed Muneta's matches the most. In fact, I watched his about three times. He was like that dwarf warrior in Lord Of The Rings slaying a bunch of frost giants or cave trolls.

Resnick: I have heard as much from a buddy of mine on the Italian Olympic team. He just friggin' brings it no matter what.

Osaekomi: Dude, does that cat not just get your blood pumping watching him "slay the giants"? He definitely shows no fear and just lays waste to anyone in his way. He is definitely a sight to behold. Don't get me wrong Kosei is my favorite player, but over the last 3 years you see in his opponents body language "I just hope to give a good showing!" instead of "I can kick Kosei's ass!". Don't get me wrong Kosei is on another level and oddly enough improving, but with Muneta you see it in his opponents eyes right up until Ippon that they think they can beat him

Rock on Muneta


I love watching Muneta too. He never gives up, no matter what, and seems able to pull off a win when it looks like he is having problems.

Ben R.

I have a question about him.

he appeared in the 2003 worlds. Any other comps he appeared that I could purchase footage of him?

He's got some matches on the All-Japan videos that they have at Bird's judo shop. He throws everything out there too, shoots kata guruma, taio, whatever. It's awesome.

Paris Cup

Thanks guys!

So where could I get a video of the Paris Cup? I want to see the David/Goliath match he had against the gigantic Spaniard Aythami Ruano.

Jarvis, I'm with ya on that my man.

Jarvis i just got tpae of munetas matches you mailed me. U r right, the guy is a soulja and tough as nails. gotta study, see you at Sambo workout soon i hope