No longer able to use Food Stamps in Strip Club?

What the hell is this world coming to when we aren't able to use our Food Stamp cards in strip clubs, casinos and liqour stores???



Bills restricting Bridge Card use on ATMs, strip clubs pass state Senate

LANSING — State lawmakers are moving forward with legislation that adds restrictions on those receiving public cash



The Senate passed a package of six bills Tuesday that would restrict where people receiving public benefits can withdraw cash from ATMS using their Bridge cards. The bills cleared the Senate by six votes, 35-3, with Detroit Democratic Sens. Morris Hood, Virgil Smith and Coleman Young Jr. opposing.

The bills would prohibit people from using Bridge cards at ATMs in casinos, certain liquor stores, horse racing tracks and strip clubs. People who receive cash assistance — on average about $540 a month — can use their cards to get cash at ATMs for things like child care costs

or rent that normally aren’t paid with the debit-like cards.


A recipient can still use his or her Bridge card to pay for food in those stores, but would have to find an ATM at a different location for cash.

Hood said the legislation still did not sufficiently address circumstances where a liquor store ATM might be a Bridge card user’s only option to withdraw their cash benefits.

“There’s a lack of access to ATMS and banks in urban areas,” where many residents also can’t afford a car

, Hood said.


Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, who sponsored the package, said the added restrictions allow the state to be more in line with federal regulations that were instituted last year. If the state does not adjust its restrictions to comply, it risks losing $40 million in federal aid, Jones said.

“This is common sense legislation. Bridge Cards should be temporary and should only be used to buy basic necessities,” Jones said in a statement after the vote.

Under an amendment proposed by Jones, Bridge card users would still be able to use the cards at liquor stores where at least 50% of the business comes from food sales. This should better accommodate Bridge card users who live in rural areas, where the liquor and grocery store might be one in the same, Jones said.

The Senate package now goes to the House for approval. The House is considering its own version of the package.

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I guess welfare recipients will have to plan ahead if they want to make it rain at the strip club now. Phone Post

What the fuck. How am I supposed to afford crabs now?! Phone Post 3.0

LOL@Coleman Young Jr...fucking Detroit man.

You should not be able to get cash with those things. It should be tracked totally, with each and every item listed.  Only essentials

Damn Mark, had no idea you were having money problems. You usually try to pretend you are not poor on here. Do you have PayPal? I'll send you $5.

Mark Phone Post

I could see using them at a strip club, but at a casino? Shit, son, that is just throwing your money away.

Mark Phone Post 3.0

Mark1 - I could see using them at a strip club, but at a casino? Shit, son, that is just throwing your money away.

Mark Phone Post 3.0

What if the only restaurant anywhere near the poor, poor people is at a casino? Do you want the working man to STARVE????

- Jettdog

AlexanderTheGOAT - That sucks :( Phone Post 3.0
True, brother.

Mark Phone Post 3.0