No longer interested in GSP vs. Silva

After the ground and pound beatdown that Sonnen delivered to Silva, it's no longer interesting. Silva would have had to dominate Sonnen to make a match with GSP interesting. Sure Silva is still the champ but I was more impressed with Sonnen during this fight. A GSP/Silva superfight has lost its luster.

"I was not impressed with your performance" - GSP

GSP would put silva in the hospital

I don't need to see GSP at MW. He should stay at WW.

and so it begins.

Yeah, it did hurt my interest in the fight too. GSP should definitely win that fight. Still though, it would be cool if the fight does happen sometime.

I always said GSP had a chance due to his awesome take downs and superior wrestling.

I love to see this fight. In the Hardy fight, GSP tried many times to finish him and it was a exciting fight because of that. No blanket there.

no interest in seeing this,it will be no different then anderson/chael except for the triangle part.It was fun watching this because the buildup but it gave everyone a vision of how the GSP fight would turn out and there could never be any hype to build it up now

The size difference is too significant. Silva would knock the shit outta GSP and that's a fact.

lol at people who live in absolutes. Havnt yall learned anything?

GSP needs to stay at 170 and beat the piss outta Jake Shields first.

silva's still bigger then gsp

chael's fight had no affect on my yearning to see the super fight between gsp and anderson

GSP would try to dry hump Anderson to a victory as he'd be too scared of giving him space. At least Chael pounded the shit out of Anderson on the ground. If GSP fought like he did against someone like Hardy, what are the chances that he would actually "fight" against Silva.

GSP vs Anderson = boring. GSP vs most top fighters = boring now anyway.