No Love Ent Presents

Get 'em Trevor!!!


i clam no one..i like to train with many black belts!

but i like to wear my blue belt for thoes that care....

de la rose................


ttt for Seth, Jason and Mark. Westside bringing it home.

I ll be there. Cant wait to meets some of you guys from the UG

We gotta meet up, all the UG bros.


TTT... i will give you 1 chance to train with me now that you know the

maumoco de la rose

no longer going to be there, good luck to everyone not fighting a westsider

The event is going well. I went there to promote the show last weekend :) Fun little city. The event is just about sold out. Its the first Mixed Martial Arts Event that Diamond Jacks Casino is doing. Im honored to have both of there guys fight for my title.

ttt for a great show

ttt, gonna be fun

goo dluck Trev

thanks everyone