No Love Entertainment presents

Capital City Carnage Sat. Aug 26th 2006 275 South River Road, Baton Rouge LA Fight info 1-888-FIGHT-90 River Center # 225-389-3030 Doors open at 7 fights start at 8


185 Franz Mendez (GA) vs Trever Garrett (OH)

155 Kyle Bradley (LA) vs Randy Haver (TX)

180 Josh Rafferty (OH) vs David Brown (TN)

145 JC Pennington (LA) vs TBA

155 Sam Ortiz (LA) vs Lee King (TX)


205 Mike Perez (MS) vs Ron Fields (OH)

185 Eric Thompson (LA) vs Chad Jay (MS)

155 Eric Meyer (LA) vs Tylor Combs (OH)


Andy Chapman (LA) vs Juan Cortez (LA)

145 Brock Kerry vs John Moore (OH)

155 Kenneth Battle (TX) vs John Floyd (MS)

138 Frankie Caruso (LA) vs Steven Commins (FL)

170 Chris Salinas (LA) vs Dustin Robins (FL)

185 Matt Brown (LA) vs Ken D'Amato (FL)

I thought it needed an official thread. Thats the best I could do.

Wish I could be there!


A little bird told me that Jorge Gurgel & Rich Franklin will be in the house!!!


i think the show will be good ohio boys going 5-0. Trevor is going to smash his guy

That little bird is correct.

Anybody else with picks??

Yet another drop out for me. WTF, im not scary or strong or even that good.

Rafferty by KO via Elbow from the Gods

i'll fight pennington. i haven't trained in two years though so only if its
3-1 minute rounds. and if it goes to decision, i win. i'm looking forward
to your fight sam. kyle is fighting a tough guy as well, but i think all of
the voodoo guys are gonna do well (as usual). i'm sure rich will find you a
fight j.c. i think you were gonna beat johnson rather quickly. you've had
some bad luck lately with backouts. i'm looking forward to seeing brock's
fight as well. he improved drastically from the final reality combat last
year to rich's show in february. if he keeps improving at that pace, he's
gonna be a beast.

FUGGGGGG. I thought i was gonna see the ugly red headed kid beat the hell out of someone. O well still a great night of fights none the less.


Chad (Dont Play) Jay wins by GNP

Bet on it!!!

i have a bet with him. He agreed to pay for my ticket if he doesnt win.

Pimpington has struggled with TBA in the past.

lol, tba is my worse enemy

Chad and John Floyd by sub.