No love for Joey Villasenor?

He took Loiseau out of his game! Joey was always staying active with knees and had nice transitions. Haven't seen anybody talk about this fight because of the overshadowing Shamrock ordeal.


I was impressed with the game planning from the Jackson camp and Villasenor's execution of it. I noticed how Villasenor refused to fall for Loiseau's ploy of giving his back up for the choke. Joey pounded him out instead of going for the RNC, risking getting reversed into guard, and having to deal with The Crow's main weapons, his elbows.

he did a fantastic job. that was a perfectly executed game plan.

Joey simply imposed his game plan and fought a great fight. The Crow looked fine, he was throwing some hard strikes, just got beat by the better fighter.

i think villasenor did an incredible job against the crow. once again loiseau didnt do anything until the 3rd round rootin for him to make some sort of a comeback. ttt for villasenor though

Joey looked very good.

Props to the Dreamsmasher (Another Jackson Team win), but the Crow didn't really show up, and it's becoming a pattern.

I cant believe the polls before the fight, I guess not many people have seen Joey's fights in KOTC.

i think he woulda beat frank

Props to Joey, one of the most underrated guys out there

He is Now " Smokin Joe " Villasenor according to his camp !

Rashad is now " Sugar " .


Yeah, I was impressed. He's a badass fighter. Fuckin strong guy with good wrestling and nice punches.

strong win for him...


TTT for Jackson's

he made a fan out of me. Can't wait to see him fight again.