no love for the goon?

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 ahhhh, i lose

I think we both lose. Apparently there is, in fact, no love for the Goon.

 Huge fan of the Goon here...

 im sayin

I love the Goon.

Huge fan and can't wait till the animated movie comes out.

I just read my first Goon graphic novel, I was impressed very funny stuff and great art.

New trailer

Love the Goon. Helped Eric with display stuff for comic shows and he was very generous with hooking me up with art and other swag. Phone Post

Powell and Hotz are currently putting out Billy the Kid's Old Timey Oddities mini with Goon back-ups.

Issue 1 was amazing, Hotz works better with this material than his work with the Hood (which was pretty good though).

Knife in the Eye!! (big goon fan here)

 The Goon is GREAT.