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Tonight on ESPN's 30 for 30 @ 8:00 est... got good reviews.

Director's Take

"No Más." I always wanted to know why Robert Duran -- a fighter with so much power, so much talent, and so much experience -- would stun the world by uttering those two fateful words in the ring against Sugar Ray Leonard in 1980. It was so antithetical to everything Duran represented -- his machismo, his meanness, his toughness. Was it frustration? A fix? Or something else? I guess I figured it would always endure as one of those boxing mysteries that went unsolved. Until I happened to run into Sugar Ray Leonard at an event in Washington, DC in 2012. I asked him if it ever bothered him that it seemed that Duran got more attention for quitting in that fight than Leonard did for winning it. His answer was an unequivocal yes. And so began the journey of both Ray Leonard and this film, a journey that would not only relive an incredible rivalry, but finally serve to confront Roberto Duran once and for all about a night in boxing history that none of us will ever forget.

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Can't wait to see this

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I won't be able to catch it live. Hopefully it on YT by tomorrow morning.

Awesome. Thanks for the reminder, just started recording it. Phone Post

Lol @ Duran flipping off Ray's wife and calling her a whore.

This is cool. I miss the days of compelling boxing.

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I miss this era of boxing. It's just not this exciting anymore. Phone Post 3.0

it was really good

Very good piece on one of the great matchups in boxing.
Tyson's commentary was pretty cool too. Phone Post

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I figured they would replay it late tonight. Nothing so far, although the on screen TV guide says it's supposed to be on espn2 right now. Its not. Phone Post

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