No mercy for the broken

Nash, Barbosa Injured in Practice

The Suns may be without both of their point guards when they host Memphis on Wednesday night. Steve Nash, who missed the last three games with a deep thigh bruise, returned to practice Tuesday, but left early with back spasms after twisting his back when Leandro Barbosa stepped on his foot. Additionally, Barbosa suffered a sprained left ankle and left America West Arena on crutches. Check back later this afternoon for a full report on the Suns' injuries.

lol, that's fucking terrible.

LoL What are the freaking chances?

DOH..i didn't see this all the way down here.

BD, they probably shitcanned him since he never gets assists and takes out your court general :/

quick, I know. He missed like four games total with the Mavs.

MadDog, that sucks man, but look at the plus side at least he is getting some rest.