no more BJJ

It has been 13 days since I last trained in BJJ and I have started trying to apply submissions to anyone within 5 feet of me-my friends don't like this. It's been 6 hrs since I last wrestled, but that isn't enough. I wrestle around 19 hours a week, up about 5 from my previous schedule. My boyfriend is getting really worried-he's strictly a wrestler.

Anyone have any suggestions making the transition from 7 or so hours of BJJ to no BJJ? Training in BJJ is not an option at this time, it will be in 2 months and 13 days.

I will be wrestling during the first month back in Ju-Jitsu. I have one more wrestling tournament left.

After that month, can anyone offer advice as to whether I should continue in Wrestling or start Judo? Originally I started wrestling to improve my Ju-Jitsu.

I just took 2 months off, and just started again. I didn't mind that much because I had really hard classes this semester anyways. But anyways, it's not the end of the world, 2 months is a snap. Just have to find something else to do.

Try to stay in shape, I didn't really do anything for 2 months and I am totally feeble now. I couldn't exercise on doctor's orders.

Yeah---any thoughts on Wrestling or Judo later? I'm guessing 6 days at wrestling camp and wrestling will keep me busy.

usedtotrain- think of the wrestleing time as focusing on one part of the BJJ game. Wrestleing ( takedowns, balance, top control) will only make your BJJ stronger.

Wont your boyfriend roll with you? LOL try this put him in your open guard, tell him if he can not get subbed and you both undressed he gets the prize , otherwise he taps and pays for dinner and a movie

ps I hope your not underage :O lol

mfah, usedtotrain is only 15, lol.

Is usedtotrain a chick?

l hope so

hey baby, you can come over to my house and i love to let you roll me up and tap me around. if your boyfriend wants to watch, i'm okay with that. let me know.

And im hoping fig4u just didnt notice that she's fifteen.



you got me there for a second. i didn't see anything about age.

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