No More Goldberg on Commentary..

Can we please drop Bill Goldberg from future broadcasts? Please??

While I appreciate his enthusiasm for the sport, when I'm listening to a broadcast, I want SOME professionalism and objectivity. Goldberg brings neither to the table. I know Rogan and Mike Goldberg get excited at fights and Mike tends to overexaggerate, but but both are 99.99% professional.

Listening to Goldberg half jump out of his seat when Brock Lesnar beat Min Soo Kim and listening to him half crap his pants when Shamrock rocked Baroni tonight, then proclaimed "it's over gentlemen" would have been met more appropriately had he been sitting nearby in a bar or in the crowd. But on the microphone as an objective broadcaster he fails.

Him going ape shit when Baroni got rocked was hilarious. I also like how Jay Glazer is giving technical advice on Ninja being in sidemount and Goldberg says.... "Jay thats why your not fighting and in the booth with us"

Goldberg is great, stop your whining.

Some of you dudes seem to happily put up with the painful UFC commentary but you cry like schoolgirls about the commentary on every other show.

I like Goldberg in the booth, he always says stuff to keep me laughing.

Goldberg was terrible.Get rid of him ASAP

Redneck, I'm not some of those guys.

I like the commentary team on the IFL and Bodog, and always enjoyed the informative Pride teams. I also thought that the other two Strikeforce broadcasters were very informative.

Sorry, I just don't enjoy listening to Goldberg's over the top commentary and think he adds nothing to a broadcast. You're welcome to disagree, and your opinion is respected. However, I hold my own views.

(sorry Freudian slip)

what they need is this behind the mic whimpering:

I could tolerate that LOL.

Nice Boobies!...If I was a chick with boobs like that, I'd just stay home and play with them all the time.

eiko koike--you can hear her on pride broadcasts whimpering when guys get hit. a true force of japanese nature. supple.

Too say that Goldberg is bad... Is a understatement

You could make the same arguments for Goldberg that you do about Rogan:  He's a fan and gets excited.

The main difference I see between the two, though, is this:

1.)  Goldberg is actually funny to listen to

2.)  Goldberg doesn't exhibit BJJ nut-hugging favoritism like Rogan does

If you're going to defend Rogan, then maybe you ought to give Goldberg a break as well.  Either way, we're stuck with both of them.

Oh, yeah, Goldberg doesn't repeat the same things over and over like "he got rocked" or "this guy has mad jiu jitsu" blah, blah, blah ...

He's not that bad during the commentary, but watching him do the interviews is painful.

Commentary was decent interviews sucked. Glazer is the worst MMA commentator ever.

The commentary is painful all the way around. Mauro is lost w/o Bas, Glazer's nothing special, and I now understand why Goldberg was so entertaining as a wrestler. He flexed his traps and barely said anything.

My sister was watching her first mma fight with us last year and she commented how annoying Goldberg was ... last month she was watching another one with me and she said "Haven't they gotten rid of this idiot yet?"

Goldberg is not verry good, but Mauro & Glazer we terrible.

PLEASE fire him!!!

I think he should have some idea what he's going to say when he
interviews people. He is not quick at all. Buentello speaks spanish and he
goes "what is that Hebrew?" crickets..crickets..crickets

Great fight, what's next, etc. leave the jokes to funny people.

what was the deal with goldberg saying "you never know what going to come out of your mouth, a work, a shoot..."