If you lose or draw to the champ you should get shuffled back into the deck.

This whole wasting 6-9 months on the same fight blows.

What if poor Frankie had to fight Anthony Pettis twice too... that would be trippy.

this isnt blackjack, tie shouldn't go to the dealer. Frankie should get shuffled back i nteh deck too since he couldn't even beat the number one contender what kind of champion is that? Ties should be immediate rematches, losses should not be. Ican see why a Pettis nuthugger or a Frankie Nuthugger doesnt want to see this rematch becasue Frankie will lose, and Pettis stands little to 0 chance against Gray

If anyone deserved a draw though it would be Gray. Penn getting an immediate rematch was a joke.

I concur, these instant rematches suck. The only case where they should apply is where there are so many people who think a fighter was robbed, i.e. Shogun/Machida I. But a rematch for a close fight? There are close fights in MMA all the time.

I am for immediate rematches.

...But only if they're truly immediate. Meaning they start right after the scores are read.

I'm not keen on immediate rematches either but Maynard certainly deserves one. He has a win and a draw against the champion, together with coming close to stopping him Edgar (while never being in any significant danger himself).

I've no problem with the draw result though, Frankie's comeback was extraordinary.

I would prefer it if they had sudden death rounds...

I disagree, and support both rematches that frankie has fought/been booked.

Maynard deserves it. But if the fight can't happen for any reason in the next 3 months you have to pass on it.
Some rematches are needed and were worth it

Penn Edgar 2
Machida Shogun 2
Fedor Nog 3

Some were neither worth it or that warranted

Anderi Arlovski Tim Slyvia 3
Shamrock Tito 3
Bonnar Soszynski 2

 Theres not rationalization for it.

Dont like the scores?  Dont let it go to the judges.

You have an extra fucking 10 minutes.

Use it.

it was a tie..can u imagine if other championship sporting events ended in a tie. There needs to be a winner, and neither guy won

I agree with OP. All these Dana fasttracked rematches seem to put the division at a standstill. Phone Post

totalwreckage - it was a tie..can u imagine if other championship sporting events ended in a tie. There needs to be a winner, and neither guy won


Super Bowls ending in ties.

There would be riots.

Gotta beat the champ to be the champ, give pettis his shot

Maynard had his shot and he couldn't get it done. Imed-Rem......would be an absolute shame IMO.....Give someone else a shot at the title!!!

There should be a sudden death round. Or make title fights 4 rounds with a tie-breaking round. It works on TUF Phone Post

Monsters Ball - I agree with the thread starter! Maynard had 5 rounds to win last night and he couldn't do it. Get back in line.

He failed last night and Dana wants to reward him with a do over. He had a shot give somebody else a shot.

i agree with this. 

the problem is, the contender couldn't beat the champ. The belt wasn't up for grabs, maynard needed to take it away and couldn't. The next person in line (pettis) should be getting the next fight.

This is the only fight where I think an immediate rematch is warranted. The legitimacy of the belt will always be questioned if they don't do it.

yeah put pettis in there against frankie, i'd much rather watch that