no more tim sylvia????

what will we do with him being cut from the ufc|||||||||||||||||||||?

say it aint so!?

The following is an excerpt from today's news update by Dave Meltzer over at

UFC has confirmed that Tim Sylvia was released from his contract, which had one fight left. Sylvia's announcement, believed to be he is leaving UFC, perhaps for M-1 Global, will be made on tonight's Inside MMA show on HD-Net.



this is a great day for the sport.

sharter will live 4eva!

LOL... he wasn't cut you 'tards, he quit. Wait 'til you hear about his next payday.

The sharting comments... Obviously, it's a bit funny, but tell me there hasn't been one of those days in your life, where if someone had punched you in the gut on that day, you would have pooped a little? What if you woke up on the day of a major fight feeling like that? Do you let everyone down, or do you go out and give it a go anyway? There's no potty breaks in the cage, would you have tapped or something? Think, tools.

I don't get the photoshop either, honestly. If he was really fat, you wouldn't have had to edit it to make him fat. Not to mention he just shit stomped someone in that pic.


No one sticks up for Tim much around here, but seriously, get a new hobby. I'll admitt he makes it easy sometimes, but get some new material guys. This is beyond stale.

i am a timmy fan mister^

Good for both UFC and Tim...

Good for UFC because now they can go find younger talented heavyweight guys and they can revamp that divison.New fights instead of rematches

Good for Tim..because now he can get paid more and have different guys to face instead of having rematches.

I look at it like this. Its like when a MLB baseball team gets to a point where there Minor leauges are stacked and they start to let go of the vets and big names in order to bring up the top lower level guys..The big names and vets get a chance to revamp there career...While the team may stink a while...down the road they bounce back

Bummer, I would have liked to see Tim derail a few more bandwagons in the UFC. Good for Tim, though, going the Fedor route of more money for weaker competition.

" Bummer, I would have liked to see Tim derail a few more bandwagons in the UFC. Good for Tim, though, going the Fedor route of more money for weaker competition. "

So are you saying Hong Man Choi v Timmy and Akebono v Timmy?

I wanted to see Tim re-match Mir and for some reason I was secretly
hoping for Tim vs Lesnar

"bring on fedor"

So this makes Fedor, Barnett, Arlovski, Sylvia and possibly Randy outside of the UFC, along with next tier guys like Sergei and Alexander. THe whole you have to be in the UFC to fight top guys looks to be losing steam if you are a heavyweight.

I want Sergei/Aleks vs Tim.

he will probably be loved in Japan....

the hair
the burns
the height

he's a shoe in, the guy looks like a character from Street Fighter!!


"...There's no potty breaks in the cage..."

This should replace the phrase "There's no crying in baseball".

Every time I come close to liking Tim, he does another thing to make me hate him all over again. I think it's a smart move to let him go (especially if you can sign Fedor). Basically, fans hate him, he's boring (even when he KO's people), and he has a fair amount of recent losses. In spite of all this, he becomes an extremely difficult gatekeeper. He'll go to M1 and be champion. Then UFC will always be able to say their rejects are other people's champion.