No More White Gi Pants

Thats right Im through with them. Im going to admit it but every damn time I take a piss somehow a little spot gets on the white gi pants. No matter how hard I shake it, it always magically appears. I even resorted to pissing in the stall and dabbing with some toilet paper. And to make it worse I take a strong multi-vit so my urine is so yellow and my gi pants so white its like a little bullseye. Thats right I know no one else well admit this problem but Im finally figuring out why guys wear blue pants and a white top. My new style...

Are u one of those douche bags who trains then goes and eats with your gi pants on?

No thats funny as hell BWAAHAHAHAHAHA!

Depends Undergarments.

thats why i wear blue, you cant see the piss stains

lol @ Musashi

You don't wear drawers under your gi pants?