No More Yoshida Threads?

Interesting how six months ago, Yoshida was by far the most discussed fighter on this forum, and now everyone seems to have forgotten him.

Is this because he has been losing?

Yoshida is so last month. Get with it dude. It's all about BJ Penn and Lee Murray.

Yeah, what happened to KingYoshida and Chokemasta?

he got exposed by silva and royce

He lost a bit.

Thus he got a bit of respect from the UG.

Thus people lost interest in talking about him. He was apparantly more fun to talk about when people disrespected him.

"he gave Silva his toughest fight bar Ortiz,"

Exactly. Silva's toughest fight to date according to you was a match where he was in NO DANGER of being:
A) KO'd

Man, that was one dangerous fight for Silva! I bet he was really scared before that fight!!!

"Interesting how six months ago, Yoshida was by far the most discussed fighter on this forum, and now everyone seems to have forgotten him."

Pretty much everyone, except this one retarded internet soldier chokemasta, has realized how much skills Yoshida really has. He has no future in MMA unless they start paying his opponents off again.

what happened to Circus? i used to look forward to his Yoshida Diary updates.

...really ?? then how come Silva didn't ko Yoshida ??

How come Silva didn't KO Matsui? Does it matter?

"of course he doesn't, he came from nowhere to go the distance with the best guy in his division........."

Again, so did Matsui. That hardly makes Matsui one of the best guys in Pride or MMA. Besides, seeing what Royce did to Yoshida kind of makes me wonder about that match...

"of course he's a fraud.."

I don't think he's a fraud anymore. He fought Royce at least in a real fight.

"just like you're a fraudulent hetereosexual. "

I never said I was hetereosexual. I didn't say I was heterosexual either. I never even said I was human.
Maybe this is an Alien. MEEP MEEP BEEP BEEP

"Royce didn't do shit....."

Except he weighed more than 30lbs less than Yoshida and
was still able to make Yoshida look like a whitebelt grappler.

"yoshida fought him 1 month after Silva you dickhead, how times do you need to be reminded??"

I guess you have to remind me until it starts to make sense. By the way, it was more than 1.5 months.
Exactly what did Silva do to Yoshida that made it impossible for him to recover in 1.5 months time?
Did Silva start to torture Yoshida by making him run marathons daily after the fight? No he didn't. It is absurd for you to actually think that his match with Silva has anything to do with his lack of skills.

"......royce had 12 mths to prepare and couldn't do anything to him, Yoshida was exhausted and totally fried and could still hang with Gracie..."

You should really stop pulling these time figures out of your ass. How exactly in your fucked up head did he have 12 months to prepare when Pride called his manager about the match about a month before the event took place...

And yes, to "hang" with an opponent is to let him completely dominate you for the whole duration of the match.

Yoshida's aura is back in training...he will be back bigger and better than before!!

I heard he was the highest paid fighter in MMA, and I'm sure the Japanese fans still want to see him fight.

But I could care less either way.

Oh, and as usual, Chokemasta shows up to be the most annoying, disrepectful, ignorant pile of shit to ever log in to this forum.


He will keep this up forever, you are best to ignore him.

Excuses aside, Royce beat Yoshida on the feet, passed his guard, took his back, and dominated him throughout the entire fight.