No newaza at Starett Cup

I twice had armlocks on my opponent and was forced to give them up because the Ref call Mattae.We were only on the mat a few moments.I was very dissapointed.I also witnessed some pretty bad calls from the Refs.I will never attend this Shia again.I hit the scale at 1030 am and did not play till 400pm.My wife was driving me crazy and my two year old daughter could only stay entertained so long.I also waited 45 minutes between my first and second match,Oh lets not forget that after weigh in they put my paperwork in a different weight class so when it was time to play they wasted more time looking for it.The whole thing was a big mess.

i thought the refs did an okay job i didn't really get a chance to look at the blk/brown division.

the tournament did drag & some of the tables where unorganized with the pool sheets