NO ONE can outgrapple Frank Mir in MMA

There is no one on the planet can fight with a fresh and non-rocked Frank Mir on the ground and survive.

True fact.

Not even Werdum. Mir's MMA BJJ is too good.

Except Brock I guess.

Caught_clean - Except Brock I guess.

doesnt count.

Brock is like 300lbs.

try again.

For real though, hes got a old school style in he is willing to sacrifice some punishment to get the sub, he never stalls and just attacks, sometimes he gets it, sometimes he gets hurt in the process. I respect him for that.

 lol@ "doesn't count"

I think Cormier will surprise some of you on the ground.

He is constantly attacking. He pulls submissions out of no where.

I would take Werdum, Roger and a few others if they allowed them to go to the ground without getting knocked down by a punch etc, but Mir is special for sure because of what I posted above.

incase u guys forgot,

Big Nog beat Werdum on the ground in their fight.

Nog swept Werdum multiple times and won the ground battle.

MMA BJJ is different from pure BJJ

phillyslice99 - 

Umm, carwin didn't have much of a problem with franks grappling Phone Post

the fuck u talking about?

Carwin beat Mir in the clinch....

and my post says a non-rocked and fresh Mir.

Maia out grapples Mir. Mir has said so himself. Phone Post

Vinny will be your huckleberry

 Roy Nelson took his lunch money at Grapplers Quest.

I think I'd pick werdum. I'd really like to see Barnett in the mix as well. Top 3 at heavyweight for sure. Phone Post

never start a thread again.


The 219# "Machine" begs to differ, OP.



As does Cruz:



You can't say doesn't count. Yes Mir is very good though Phone Post


I said a fresh non rocked Frank Mir.... rocking him then beating him on the ground is not the same

Ahhh one of these new mma fans that think that Mir has the best BJJ on the planet because he broke 2 people's arms because they refused to tap. Just because he's broken some arms doesn't make him the best.

Didn't Brock lesnar hold him down and beat the shit out of him op? Phone Post

KC007 - Maia out grapples Mir. Mir has said so himself. Phone Post

This, if you said this to frank mir, he would probably laugh and tell you he was flattered but untrue. Maia is world class, he has beaten the highest caliber of grapplers from gonzaga who outweighed him by god knows, 60 pounds? To jacare - widely considered the best bjj for mma. Frank has a nice atacking game but when it comes to the whole package he falls short, lets just say if frank got put on his back by roger gracie he would feel helpless Phone Post

would love to see Mir fight Werdum