No one knew who Mirko was

at the redneck bar I was at

they were going ape shit for Chris Leben and Forrest Griffion

Mirko Cro Cop who?

they were like Michael CroCrap?

who the fuck is that? Where is Josh Koscheck


why are you at this bar?

He's coming straight from K-1!

I don't watch faggy car racing.

no one that knows anything didnt know who cro cop was, they'll know soon enough

is he farmer with awseome crops?

With all of the video that the UFC showed of Cro Cop, how could the crowd NOT know who he was???

Seriously, how many people know what the Croatian flag looks like, much less who the Croatian Sensation is...

lol at ivan drago

ughhhh i'm in the same boat...i need to vent....i love crocop and am so excited to see him in ufc....the bar i was at had no clue who he was....i went nuts when they announce the crocop fight, and it was so quiet at the bar....the were totally still buzzing bout the bisping fight (which was pretty impressive i might add), but i want more than one person (my g/f who is a big mma fan) to share in the joy

I had 10 people at my house, had to show a h-light vid off youtube to show them who Mirko was. After they watched they were amazed.

same back at home here.....thank god for youtube!

After Feb 3rd There will be so many people jumping the Cro Cop bandwagon it will break.

all im sayin is bet the house on cro-cop... imma take $100k on crocop
by beheading in the first round...

I want to see Cro-Cop vs Sylvia... why fuck around and throw Mirko cans first?

UFC should have shot some video of him training or at least a still photograph! Just showing the flag was ridiculous.

"I want to see Cro-Cop vs Sylvia... why fuck around and throw Mirko cans first?"

I agree that he could probably walk in and kick Sylvia's head to the 3rd row of Walmart.

But because they can't seem to use pride footage to show his skills, I agree that they need to build him up to the fan base somewhat.
And even if they could get the videos, does Joe Redneck from Buttlick, Indiana know who Aleks Emelienenko or Igor Vov is?

The only guy they MAY recognize is Wand, but they probably haven't seen him fight!

Lord, the ignorance of a lot of the newer fans of MMA is expected so those in the know need to show the youngesters out there who they are. I did the same thing and showed everyone highlights of Cro-Cop and they were all impressed as hell.
Funny thing too is that most of the guys I was watching the fights with never heard of Rampage either...on to the highlights and they want to see him slam some mofos in the UFC.
So I have a lot of Pride Fights on DVD and tape and needless to say they are being borrowed at a crazy fast rate to see those two in action.
I even warned them about a few fellas from Chute Boxe LOLOL!!!! Can't wait to see what they think of them.

Happt New Year.


I'm gonna post a pic that people can show to the MMA noobs. Give me a sec... FP

OK Cro-Cop is standing in the backround. I got this pic from a friend in Croatia that TOOK IT. Show this to all the fucking idiots that dont know who Cro=Cop is and explain that the guy on the floor is one of the baddest P4P MMA fighters (Wanderlei Silva) on the planet...FP