No one wants to fight in NY or high tax places?

I don’t blame people wanting to keep their hard earned money. I heard fighters got raped in China and NY.

Why doesn’t egg make the fights in Texa$ or some other low tax place?


He uses Florida a lot where there’s no state income tax much like Texas.

This is why it’s Marlon Vera vs Frankie Edgar.

Sean O’Malley turned it down because of New York taxes


I heard that, and he knows either fighter will beat him

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Smart lad…these youngins don’t make nearly enough that they can part with money unnecessarily.

He made $225,000 his last fight.

Doesn’t sound that poor.

Sean O’Malley makes $225k a fight? That was a lot more than I expected

70/70 plus 75 performance bonus and his Venum money.