No one wants to work

One can dream!

Sorry I wasn’t trying to make a comment related to your ongoing conversation just this one particular point about no poverty. Maybe it’s not relevant to your convo i didnt read the whole thread, my apologies.

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Oh no, we do certainly have poverty here and actual poor folk. But the poverty levels by government definition are a joke. That was my only point on that bit.

It’s something like 27k/yr for a family of four defined as poverty. Laughable as compared to actual poor people in the rest of the world. First world problems.

Yeah I do agree, you’re right. Obviously the complete lack of sanitation and access to water, lack of education, etc are problems that we don’t have to deal with in first world countries even amoungst the poorest.

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I don’t know what you are talking about bro. There is poverty here and plenty of it! I actually had to settle for the Iphone XR instead of the 12!

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Watch immigrants make an opportunity out of $9 an hr.

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All the trades unions here are hiring apprentices for more than usual and just not even making them write aptitude tests or anything, restaurants and retail can’t fill positions.

I can’t blame people really, Trudeau is giving them just as much or more to sit at home… If I was a giant piece of shit I would do the same thing


Makes me wonder who the real traitors are.

Clean running water, food to eat and no one chopping you with machetes.

They basically put the US on welfare. Give people free money and they don’t wanna work. I’ve even seen fast food restaurants give sign on bonus’s. People be lazy.

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See this is the shit I was annoyed by… You grew up in that middle class life you think that’s what being poor is in the west. It’s not. You’re so clueless.

If you took my post seriously you are a dumbass beyond belief.

I wish you were right, but it seems like it’s heading in the other direction with the push for UBI and stimulus.

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We were going out to eat here a Ted’s Hotdogs here in Tempe tonight and they were closed with a sign on the due to not being able to find staff they are closed.


My kid has friends sleeping over and they want pizza. Domino’s is closed because they are understaffed, Pizza Hut isn’t delivering and Papa John’s says 2+ hours.

I haven’t read the thread, but has anyone suggested banging on the drum all day?


End of the dollar IMO

The government is full on retarded minus the tard sized hog

I think it’s going to be a rough summer. The extra unemploment subsidy doesn’t end until September in roughly half the states. Until it ends, people who would otherwise be working service jobs have little economic incentive to return to work.

agreed. I’ve been cashing out a lot of my stocks and putting it into crypto and physical silver.