No Panthers in playoffs this year

I know it was a long shot at them running the rest of the schedule out and getting in there but it was tough seeing them lose a heartbreaker in OT like they did in Atlanta. As far as Atlanta goes they are gonna have to have Vick throwing the ball much better to go very far in the playoffs IMO but I have to admit he can definately make some huge plays when he tucks the ball and runs with it but they are just too one-dimensional at this point to beat the Eagles.

PS: That was terrible play-calling by the Panthers coaching staff with 1:30 at the end of regulation when they ran the ball 3 straight times and ran the time out intstead of trying to get into range for a game-winning field goal.

With the game on the line, the Falcons went to their best play: the direct snap to the running back, Micheal Vick.

Panthers would be in the wildcard still if the playoffs started today... I still think they will make it..