No post fight show on Fuel tonight

They have been doing a post-fight show on Fuel TV for the last few PPV's, but tonight they aren't.

I wonder if it's because it is in Japan, or if it is because they were showing the finishes on the last couple post-fight shows and they thought that might discourage people from buying the PPV.

I'm leaning towards the latter. When I was watching the post-fight shows and they where showing the finishes, I was surprised. I think channel 9(LA) sports central might have shown them once a year ago or so and I was surprised then also.

I wonder if they have a blanket policy about news and sports shows showing the finishes or if it is on an event-by-event basis.

 I'm thinking it is because the cost of bringing all of the people and equipment necessary for a FUEL postfight show is cost-prohibative for a show that maybe 10-15k people will watch at 2 am EST.


2 am on Fuel

 Yup scratch that, there is a postfight show tonight.