No Probable Cause Baby!!!

Had a client from my church get arrested the other night for agg. bat. deadly weapon w/o intent. Basically, her drugged up son who had been kicked out of the house came back at midnight and she wouldn't let him back in. He called the police who assisted him throwing rocks at the sliding glass door to break in. My client, scared, grabs a knife inside the house. The police arrest her for the above stated offense. First appearance today, I argue and the Judge holds, 1st) no assault as she was in the house and therefore had no ability to commit the battery, 2nd) a parent has an absolute right to throw her punk ass kid the fuck out without going threw the eviction process.

Two other hearings today. Score me-3, State 0

Oh yeah, I forgot. I have never won anything before this judge before. He is the most hardass judge in our county and this is one huge county.

"He called the police who assisted him throwing rocks at the sliding glass door to break in."

Uh, wtf? Did they not know she was in there?

jbapk - That is the fucked up part of this whole thing. The police knew she was in there and were telling her that she had no right to keep him out. When she refused to let him in, they told him that he had the right to break in. They went to the side of the house by the sliding glass door and were handing the kid rocks to throw at the glass door. That is when she got the knife.

Man, I try not to be one of those "fuck the Police they gave me a speeding ticket once" type of dudes, but that shit seriously enrages me. Do you think maybe you might have enough of an understanding of the law you can't break into someones home in order to be someone responsible for upholding the law?

Not to mention you're to fucking lazy to just use your club, you have some dipshit throwing rocks?

Congrats to bflex! ttt for a kickass day.

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