No real villains anymore

After Stark becomes a good guy again(which i think he will) they will have to build then up again.

Marvel has said that they plan on showing what the villains have been doing in the wake of Civil War. IIRC, The Hood will be taking Kingpin's place as the crime lord of New York.

And Brubaker has hinted the the Red Skull is just getting started.

Also this summer's x-event should reintroduce a villain or two.

hello, the wrecking crew is busy owning canada!

.............until beta ray bill gets there!

I thought they all died years ago.

"Marvel has said that they plan on showing what the villains have been doing in the wake of Civil War"

There's actually a line on this in this months new avengers

"Hero fighting hero, hero fighting hero, I wonder what the criminals are doing?"

doom needs to pull of something really big soon. i want a mega crossover event in 2008 where doom does something really evil.

To Doom it wouldn't be evil for the sake of being evil. It would be for the greater good.

Red Skull is pretty evil for evil's sake. He's a Nazi, scumbag, weasel who'd just as soon set the whole world on fire.

That's a shame because Marvel has got some really great villains. Guys like Dr. Doom, Magneto, some of the Spidey-foes...... all great bad guys.

Looking forward to Modok's 11!

I hope RedSkull wrecks shit in the Marvel U. If indeed killing Cap was just the beginning, I'd like to see a company wide crossover with him doing something really bad.

^^Agreed. I'm all for a villain we all can REALLY hate. A Nazi scumbag who killed Captain America fits the bill. ^^

Also, has anything really grand ever been done w/ this villain ?

not sure exactly what you mean by grand, but this guy is thanos' only real competition in the "hey look i got a cosmic cube!" contest

Red Skull trapped Hitler in a Cosmic Cube box.