NO SEX Tonight!

I made a good effort of it last night and kept her active this afternoon/evening with various my various schemes so NO SEX REQUIRED tonight! I’m enjoying rather quiet and relaxing evening now :laughing:

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A built-fat guy is banging the daylights outta her while you’re at work.


^she clearly enjoys causing me too much misery to do anything like that to jeopardize risking losing her favorite thing to do!

I seriously think it is some type of neurosis! And I can’t pretend superior, because in my own weakness I have become dependent on her managing my affairs and have become myself domesticated!

Shes at home right now getting railed by a trump impersonator while watching fox news


What PSI do you inflate her to?


It would have been easier just to tell her she looks fat… That would have bought you a week of no sex

I wouldn’t want to inspire her to lose that NATURAL matronly feminine figure which is appealing to the conventional constitution of a traditional gentleman of regular habit like myself!

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she doesn’t need inflating as she has a NATURALLY Matronly feminine figure

She finally had the big one ?

Lol at all you homosexuals who clearly have no understanding of what it’s like to please a lady!

I for one would like to congratulate The Raskal for being a masculine man who satisfies his ladys needs!

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She’s not some TrumpType GoldDigger. Her miserly family is rather well-heeled and she never suggests to them that they could contribute to the Leisure Lifestyle necessary to a Lemur-type like me and instead I have to do some CA$H 4 Can$ when I need some extra spending CA$H, can you believe that!?!

With chocolate chip or Rocky road ?

I’m the one with a sweet tooth. She prefers more hearty fare!

Pork rinds ?

Rhino, dont you start your stuff today! I’m in a good mood and I dont wanna have to feel guilty about putting you in your place.

You just be nice to my good pal William.

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Have at er Hoss…

Well bitch at us some more

What an abortion of a thread

is he one of those “I like skinny boyish shape girls or narrow hips HARD muscled fitness fanatic Tarzanas but that doesn’t make me GAY” chaps?

Nope. Woman shaped…not whale…

it’s a very WEAK character for a man to give his woman sex EVERY DAY. If he satisfies her needs EVERY DAY then she won’t respect him and she will gain complete control over him. It’s a very TIRESOME war to fight of course, like water dripping on a rock, and Women are NATURALLY more POWERFUL in these battle of wills but it develops in a man a natural masculine fortitude to endure the SUCK which helps to prepare him for the battles of life!