No smoking since April 4th.

I'm currently 41 yrs old and while I'm sure my body is breaking down I'd like to think I'm going to make some cardiovascular gains over the next few months/years. I only say months because I recently started jogging again and anything lower than a 10 minute mile feels more laborious than I would like to admit. I'm hopeful for some improvements sooner than later; even though I'm aware that it is a long term recovery process. Guess I'm just looking for some good news or someone being able to confirm improved lung function in the short term. 

I just hit a year and a half. Breathing is much easier now. 

Have you tried DMT?


42 and having good sucess with vaping nicotine salts. They say if you quit by 44 you only lose one year of life on average.

if you keep at it you will keep making gains. Im 38. ive been running for 10 years. At 38, i am in my best cardiovascular shape since high schoo. maybe even better than high school. I have better endurance than I had last year. And last year better than the year before.  


it's a slow process. take your time and don't hurt yourself. 

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I’m 46 and quit on December 15th. Smoked for 25 years. Taste and smells were the first things to improve. My cardio is still pretty challenging but I know some of that is also contributed by some weight gain. 

Im glad I quit cold turkey and finally walked away from smoking. 

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