No Spoilers: BUT

 While the card didn't look great on F#$KING delievered.  Great Fights up and down and lots of finishes.

Hell yes! Everyone saying this was a shit card better be hangin their heads in shame. Phone Post

CRE - I have no doubts that the amateur MMA fights I am about to go watch live for $15 bucks at the Michigan State Theatre not only are more entertaining, but display a superior level of technicality.

D level event.

CRE still derpin. Phone Post

Yes, whatever you thought - Know, this card was sweet.

well the card had low expectations, it was ok but still not a great card.

BJJkilla - well the card had low expectations, it was ok but still not a great card.

It was a little more than okay homie. It delivered. Much better than UFC 137 for sure. Phone Post

i knew someone wouild bitch even if it was free. i agree with the op .big names dont guarantee good fights so being good on paper means nothing. there were alot of good fights on this card and the prelims plus being over early leaves sat nite available for pro elite

 Better than 90% of the paid cards this year

All those finishes!! Phone Post

JoshLovesMMA -  People are only saying "omg event delivered" because there were finishes. If they were close exciting decisions you Cunts would be whingeing like no tomorrow. Phone Post

 So multiple dramatic finishes dont = a great event?

These guys showed up tonight.  quite a few of them were back and forth before any finish happened.  I loved them.  Awesome fights!!