No talk of Heath on here tonight

Here's a guy who has seen it all and won't be afraid of anyone.   Pretty excited to see what he does.

Jake O'Brien Vs. Heath Herring
Name: Jake O'Brien
Height: 6.3
Weight: 230
Record: 8-0-0
Jake O'Brien
Name: Heath Herring
Height: n/a
Weight: 0
Heath Herring

wow, really no talk of him.

aborts thread


They did find the most normal looking picture of him to post on their site.

"your a retard "

beautiful. Or should I say bewtefowl

We arent talking about Heath Herring because it isnt 2001, 2002, the last time he had any real relevance to MMA.

I used to love Heath, but he hasnt shown any improvement over the past few years like most fighters. He's still the same old guy, with the same old skills, the same old limitations, therefore in the same "not a champ" class.

Hopefully Heath comes to fight. Otherwise the UFC will run him off quickly.

ttt for the texas crazy horse!!

He hasn't been a force worldwide, but he's def. got the skill to be a force in the UFC unless some serious pride hvywt comes over...oh, nevermind. He can still be top 3.

Heath is going to do some SERIOUS damage

glad to see Heath in the ufc

Heath could have an "off night" and still beat Silvia.

i must not have been listening either cause i didnt hear shit about him. to be honest im almost (not quite, but almost) just as excited for herring to be in the UFC as i am about quinton and cro cop. herring is a different type of heavyweight than the ufc is use to. hes not an oversized, unathletic heavyweight that just stands up and throws leather, or stands up and does NOTHING.

Heath is going to create a huge wake in the UFC.


  1. Crocop

  2. Herring

  3. Silvia

  4. Vera

  5. Arlovski