No threads about Wordle?


I found an archive page and just crushing it with my above average IQ

T he…


OK …?


I’m too good for this simpleton game

One more for bragging rights . Click on first link and at least try todays

So… it’s a cross word puzzle?

Kinda fun, I got today’s word in four tries. But I lucked out with my first guess having the last letter right, and another letter in the wrong place

I played twice and lost. I’m not patient enough for this bullshit

T_e G__n_es


You get six tries to guess a five letter word. With every guess it tells you the letters you have right and in the right place, the letters you have right but in the wrong place, and which ones are just wrong. You work from there to guess the word

My brain is just…. Different

I played mastermind a lot when I was very young. Kinda sorta similar. Great for the brain

Here’s link to archive version since Wordle only is one a day


Fun game

First try in 4.

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Just got one on 5th for first time . Thought I was in trouble. Sometimes you gotta lay down a guess you know isn’t right just to clear up some letters

Got one in 3, with an unorthodox word. Forex getting it done for me.

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the office rage GIF