no threads on Mayhem's finishing RNC?

10 more seconds in that round and Shields was going limp

No....but it was talked about in a few of the other 100 threads about this fight.

More like 3 more seconds.

Sick fuckin fight. Wish that fight went 7 rounds. MayheM is a tough fight for anybody. That choke was in deep....


I was surprised there were no thread on this and was about to create one when I saw this one. We were all really disappointed for Miller, he had the fight won and the Shields was saved by the bell. I hate seeing the outcome of a fight reversed due to the rounds. Rounds are artificial interventions that often affect the fights too much - especially in grappling oriented fights.

3 more seconds is more like it. good fight.

that fight shouldve adn would ve been over given about 3 seconds more...shields was MOS DEF exiting that fight from theRNC.

it looked good but pretty sure Shields chin was tucked pretty good.
could he have finished it mabey but i don't think it was a set as everyone thinks it was

I was VERY impressed that Mayhem was able to sink it in on a grappler of Shield's caliber!

People are too busy slurping up Fedor's jizz right now

 i did notice shields seemed fully awake when the bell rang, as much as i wanted him to go limp

 That was fucking sweet!!!   Right when Mayhem let go, Shields had a huge look of panic, then about 2 seconds later a sign of relief.  I was so pissed the round ended!!!!

Congrats Mayhem, I know you wanted to win, but you won the crowd over in a championship fight!!!

Mayhem needs to work on his takedown defense and he will seriously be a contender. I was really impressed with how well he hung with Shields on the ground and how Shields wanted no part of his stand up.

 "Mayhem needs to work on his takedown defense and he will seriously be a contender"

Yeah as soon as he shores up the same holes that have been costing him fights for his entire career, he will seriously be a contender.

Mayhem has little going for him other than great sub defense and toughness. His standup is nothing special, his wrestling stinks.