No time limit grappling strategy

Im about to do my first no time limit tournament. Its first person to 15 points or submission. Im doing both Gi and No Gi. You think I should go for chokes early then run for points? Maybe try to use my cardio and wrestling to gas my opponent out first? Help me OG. :)

Choke them out in ten seconds each and you wont need to worry about the rest.

But seriously, I would base it on each opponent. If he comes at you full blast crazy mode, maybe weather the storm an tire him out a bit, and wait for a chance to attack/counter.
If you have a good top game and takedowns though, you might want to go in for the kill.

I guess it depends on your strengths and your style. And of course your opponents.
That's IMO of course and I could write more but I'm done shitting and need to get back to work. I'll be back in here later. Good luck dude. Phone Post 3.0

Ha thanks. I was thinking about shaking off the adrenaline dump first then attacking. My guard game may be plus but I dont wanna be stuck on tired getting gassed. I may or may not do the masters division pending if there is anyone. Phone Post 3.0

Pull guard then fart

Have better cardio than everyone. Then you can use whatever strategy you want. Phone Post 3.0

Finger his ass as often as you can. Try to get him hard. Phone Post 3.0