No UFC fighter should fight less..

For less than 12,000 to show 12,000 to win. This is the starting salary for TUF winners with a raise every year. No one, and really no one should agree to fight for less than that.

If your good enough to get a shot to fight in the UFC than you should be worth the minium cost of living for three months of training.

Word to that

try convincing Dana "peanuts" White

"try convincing Dana "peanuts" White"

Unionize! The slogan? "Pay us more or we walk the fuck out!"

The UFC won't be making so much $$ if all they have left are Hughes, Franklin, Ortiz, and Liddell...

Monsta has a point.

It's currently 2/2 - I think 3.5/3.5k would be a nice start.. 7k possibility for your first show in the UFC is not bad at all.

good point the success of mma UFC especially has not translated equally or even close to fighters salary's


sorry to sidetrack. remember you stating you trained at renzo's. I have a buddy there, american dude that lived in Australia most his life - Chris DeWeaver lanky 6'7" white guy.

ya know him?


24K For a first timer is ambitious.

Fighters need to get good representation and look at the bigger picture. Personally I hate 1 fight deals but a lot of fighters believe they are gonna come in fight once and be a star then control the negotiating. which is all well and good if they win...

If a fighter can secure a reasonable contract with an ongoing commitment he then also has power to acquire decent sponsorship. UFC exposure is BIG and 3 fights with them means a LOT of air for a sponsor.

At the end of the day zuffa aint holding a gun to anyones head and if fighters don't like the deals... don't sign.


Keep in mind when all those guys making 2k or 4k on the last few UFCS

1) had no idea (neither did the UFC) that the buyrates on the product would go so far through the roof so fast

2) should be thanking Shamrock, Tito, Lidell, Royce, Huges ect for the exposure, and if they do negotiate for more, will require one of the above to sell tickets to justify their increased income

3 sucked and shouldn't even be on the show, and made the show not worth ordering according to the pride nuthuggers leading up to the events... imagine the buyrates if those guys weren't there and UFC could put out a decent product! they might have sold 775,005 instead of 775,000!

see boxing salaries for reference...boxing is currently bigger than mma and on the low end scale, there are prelim fighters on ppv cards making high hundreds to low thousands of dollars.


english por-favor

We need Don King in MMA for real $$$$$$$$$ to come forth!

And I say that seriously!

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if you win 4 times in the ufc your worth 96k,imo"


The Rob has stated the absoblute correctness. If this means that the barriers of entry are going to be more selective than so be it, no one should be fighting in the UFC if they are worth less than that.

I havn't train at Renzo's for years. I've been with the Serra Bros. since 2000. I trained a bit at Renzo's between 98 and 99, then I met Matt Serra and found a bus to where he taught. 

If your fighting in the UFC you shouldn't be a first timer, you should have earned your way up from a little show. No one should be in the UFC without being at least a champion in a smaller local and established event. And even if you are so lucky 12k to show 12k to win helps to balance out the time, sacrifice and risk you take in this sport

10000 and 10000 to start. Also medicals should be included. It is ridiculous people are paying for their own medicals.

I disagree worldwide there is enough talent to warrant such a cost. If that's the case you would disagree that the TUF fighters weren't worth that cost. I vaguely heard of Forrest Griffin, and never of Stephan Bonnar. The guys that I did hear about Kenny Florian, Diego Sanchez, Bobby Southworth, all of them didn't make that much.

I think that at the current rate of MMA a minimum wage raise of that much won't make as much of a dent in Zuffa's profits to warrant any change.

5k/5k is a good start. 2k/2k is pretty bad, but then again, UFC has so many buildup fights now, sometimes it really resembles 80's WWF (not that I think thats a bad thing.) The scary thing is in most contracts its written in that if you lose, you can be cut...I dont see how anyone signs those deals.

O to the politics of MMA in do what you got to do to get yours remember that.