No UK Armageddon? WTF?

Damn, this angers me. The PPV is not being shown in the UK, since Sky and the WWE can't come to terms over a new contract.

Previously, all PPVs were shown on Sky's sports channels, and were free to subscribers. Then Channel 4 (a terrestrial channel) bought the rights to 4 of the 12 annual special events. Sky got them back by sticking them on Sky Box Office (PPV), which earned more money for the WWE. So, for the past couple of years the other 8 shows were free, and you could pay £14.99 to see each of the remaining 4 shows. I was fine with that. In fact, I wouldn't have minded paying for all of them, like in the US, though obviously it's nice to get things for free.

However, the contract between Sky and the WWE for these 4 events expired, and it looks like it might not be renewed. So, we won't get Armageddon, and, more importantly, the Royal Rumble.

Looks like I'll have to resort to eBay for a pirated tape of the event...

This angers me.

Agreed. Armageddon I can cope with missing, the Rumble not being shown would be the height of gayness.

I could give a shit, we get the wrestling channel in march, once that starts I doubt I'll watch WWE again.