no user name??!

OK, I opened up Windows Explorer in XP Professional, and all of a sudden I got this blue screen of death and my PC restarted automatically. I don't have a password on my PC, so I don't need to log in. However, once my computer was done "checking for errors" or whatnot, it gave me the screen that says, "To begin, click your user name," but there are NO USER NAMES TO CHOOSE FROM!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaggggghhhhhhh!

So I tried clicking CTRL-ALT-DEL from that screen, and it brought up another screen with a "Log On to Windows" window. The user name was "Administrator" (which is the default), and I left the password field blank. Then I hit OK, and it gave me the error, "The local policy of this system does not permit you to logon interactively." WTF!!!!!

Can someone help me get onto my computer?? Please???

You got Owzned by your computer....

I don't have time to research this...sorry....
But it sounds like you are a little screwed at this point.

Try to F8 into Safe Mode and then try restoring to an earlier point if that works

Yeah, I tried like every safe mode option there was, and it still wouldn't log me in. I also tried "fixing" Windows with the original startup STILL won't let me log in. FUCK MICROSOFT. FUCK IT IN THE EAR.

Try this

The following is a bootable cd creator utility for Petter Nordahl's NT/Win2k Password Recovery utility, the utility allows to set/reset the password of the administrator user, by anyone who has physical access to the machine.

If that doesn't work, I have others that might.

Thanks for the link, hunting, but having a password doesn't seem to be good enough -- XP won't even let me log on in the first place. Actually, now XP doesn't even accept the new changed password as valid.... :(

Did you try this?


Humor me :)

Create this CD and boot to it. Change the administrator password and try to log in.

It can't hurt.

Yes, that is exactly what I tried to do, and it still didn't work. I just gave up on trying to salvage my existing system and am now installing a new version of XP over top of my old one in the hopes that it will fix whatever is wrong. If all else fails, I suppose I could reformat my entire HD and have a fresh install of XP on that, but that would really bite.