No way Lindland beats Lutter

Am I the only one that thinks Lindland should be the underdog?

Lutter has more tools imo. He has the striking edge and has submissions. But Lindland can take the fight to the fence and hold him down to a dec.

Still I think Lutter is going to win the fight big.


Unfortunately, some of the people whose MMA opinions I respect the most feel Lindland will win; I, however, see Lutter taking this one: too big, more offense, better striker and Lindland has been trying to break out of his "most boring" label and I think exposing himself too much in doing so...

Lindland via TKO

I just watched Lutter's fight in Hook&Shoot relentless. He's too well rounded for Lindland. It'll be the same as Terrell vs Lindland. It might not be as quick but it'll be the same type of finish.

Lutter is too explosive.

Let's just hope Matt has worked on his landings...

i wouldn't bet against Matt. As a matter of fact I'll probably bet on him to win.

I like Travis in this one. I could see Matt dominating position, but not doing much damage.

But Travis is too skilled on the ground to just lay there and cover up. He'll be active.

Travis is also very strong at 185. And we all know he has the potential to do some damage on the feet.