No Whites Allowed Space

THe SJWs at U of Michigan are demanding a No Whites Allowed space.


THey do not see their own racism.

No worries. I don't tend to hang around piles of shit anyway. 

Retards. All of them. 

  • Nope, not doing it. Too edgy.

What if I don't identify as white? Am I allowed in?

can we get the lice guy to make a stop up there? 


wow this is the second time are they  asking for two?

Maybe the whole Marcus Garvey movement will start up again and we can grant reparations as a free plane ticket to Liberia. One way of course.

The irony is that if only minorities are allowed in, statistically speaking, it would be the most dangerous place on campus.

While they're at it, maybe they can give us our own drinking fountains.

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stevezur - 


Serious props. VU.

Racist cunts

SJWs? Doesn't sound like white kids to me.

I'm sorry.....did you just assume my race?

I may LOOK like an average white dude, but I'm actually a half chinese, african american, share cropping, woman with PTSD and schizophrenia.

 a wheel chair.

Jihad To Steal My Goat Huh - I'm a Mexican male but I identify as a proud black women. Do I qualify? I am also Pans-vehicle, so sometimes I'm a Black Hummer, an H3 model.


Racism and segregation are perfectly acceptable when imposed by anything but white people. 

I have had people basically say that much both on Facebook and on here when a California college was doing the same. It's insanity what people will say in the name of white guilt. 

Racism is nice, isnt it, minorities?

It only took about 50 years, but they finally got the segregated space so many people fought for during the civil rights movement.

That was what they were fighting for, right? I went to public schools, so my learning isn't so good