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Lets just stop setting standards and goals so that kids know that its alright to suck at anything athletic. We don't want to make them learn any type of skills because we wouldn't want them thinking that its okay to learn other skills in other areas of their life now would we?

This program was obviously designed by the fatbody in gym glass who couldn't do anything but eat.

Geeze, that article pissed me off.

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I bet she took several breaks while writing so she didn't get tired out too.

On a surface level, teaching fitness and conditioning
is valid. My old gym class in high school was
basically just that. We didn't play softball or
whatever, we ran and lifted weights. I got a much
better work out

The problem is that you need to teach the kids sports
too. Sports teach coordination, they teach fine
motor skills, and they are one of the few places kids
get to learn how to work in teams.

Doing Tae Bo maybe, watching it no. The article was
pretty mild compared to some I've seen. At least it
wasn't one of those "fat kids get picked on and can't
play sports so we'll let them out of PE entirely"

Nothing wrong with teaching kids exercise theory.
Nothing wrong with making sure they're fit. I can't
tell from the article, but it actually sounds like
the kids will be working out more than they would
before. I remember getting a far better work out
in my Weightlifting and Aerobics elective than in
taking a unit of softball. In softball we mostly
just stood around and marveled at how well the athletes
played. In the other class we ran, were put on a
weight program, and had our improvement measured.

IF the school has a sports program for kids after school, I would support something like that. After all, the USA is the fattest country in the world. Teaching kids to be healthy and excersize is a good idea. I am NOT for it if it REPLACES team sports in school. I remember that there were a lot of kids in school that wouldnt even try in gym class because they couldnt compete with the "jock" kids, they all wound up fat and out of shape adults.

If the school offers a different class for kids who want to play sports or has an after school sports program, I think this is a good idea.

I didn't think the article mentioned anything about
replacing actual athletic programs. It sounded to me
that instead of doing the Field Hockey or Badminton
units the kids would be required to actually
run or lift.

Up until my weightlifting class in highschool PE was
always basically "playtime." Better than sitting and
picking your nose, but not exactly what I'd call
working out either.

I think it's a good idea. Teach these kids how to NOT become fat couch potatoes, and they might go on to actually do something with their lives. I always hated playing ball in P.E. class. There is nothing about "Physical Education" in playing ball! I'd have much rather gone for a run or hit the weight room for exercise, or learned about nutrition and such in the classroom and done an after-school sport (which I did). P.E. should be just that - leave the sports for after school, and TEACH kids how to be fit during the day.

We coverred all of that in another class called health.Also a lot of high schools are ofering weight lifting as an elective now so there is already that option of being educated for those that want it

Another thing to consider is at what level of
schooling is all this occuring. I feel that kids
should all be required to take gym classes (i.e.
weights and aerobics) but at some point in their
education they should also be taught sport. It isn't
just about fitness. Sports, and knowledge of games
are integral parts of functioning in society. It's
like geography and math, you don't have to be great
at it but you need to learn the basics.

Additionally, school is one of the few places a kid
is going to be forced to see and try things he might
otherwise avoid. I don't think I ever would have
learned to love theater if I hadn't been
introduced to them through school.

Sport classes need to exist at some point if only
to teach basic cultural knowledge and skills. Fitness
is another part, and then after school athletics
provide a venue for kids who have a passion for it.

We need to approach teaching physical skills the same
way we approach intellectual ones.

I hated PE class in highschool. I was always playing sports throughout the year and was exhausted. I didn't want to be doing sports during the day when I had practice after school. I think they should exempt hs athletes from PE.