No-Xplode and Cell Mass

Does anyone else get bloated on No Xplode? Two friends did it and they were fine. In fact everyone I know that does it has been fine. I get heavily bloated in the face and stomach.

Also anyone use Cell Mass and what were the results?

No credible evidence that nitric oxide supps do anything to increase strength, mass, or endurance.  Don't waste your money.

NOX is poison.

I only use No-Xplode for a quick jolt or prior workout. Guys use to take it before football practice. After a nap we would take 2 scoops. It worked for me.

Its a hot selling product which doesnt mean anything, but im sure it works for others

Thinking it works is different than actually working.

Ive takin it when I woke up, worked out 30 minutes later. I noticed a difference. Lots of energy, recovery and I did notice a pump and overall increase in vascularity. When I was taking it my bodyfat content was at about 7-8 percent so Im sure that helped the vascularity part... on days I didnt take it and just drank caffien and creatine ethyl ester I didnt notice the same vascularity or recovery. Ive also done the ephedra caffien asprin stack multiple times... its different than that and it does work.

As to Cell Mass... I think you dont need it and its a huge waste of money.

Xyience, is crap, plain and simple. Almost all of the body building supplements are pure snake oil.

Don't waste time or your money.


Does snake oil have as many Omega 3's as fish oil?

Yea i dont buy cell mass so i wouldnt know. Im just saying No explode has worked for me, and getting me through practices/workout. if it doesnt for you than find something that does.


depends on the snake.



I had a buddy give me his no-xplode to try out, because he experienced bloating also, and he wasn't keen on taking the rest of it.

I was doubtful when he first gave it to me, but I actually experienced the same things that sourcheese mentions.

It's a nifty supplement if you're going for "the pump", but if that's not what you're after, you can skip it.