It's kinda shitty that he didn't get a fight on the finale... I don't agree with what he did, but it's pretty gay the way he was set up.

I think they did the right thing.

Life is about making choices and dealing with the consequences of those decisions. You call it a setup, I call it a test.


I can agree with it being a test.  Is it right though to test 1 out of 16 guys?  At some point, it goes from being a test to just being wrong.

When you walk off the show, you walk away from the opportunity.

Sad indeed but he made his choice.

Once again, i'm not saying it was cool that he walked off the show.  I am saying this however:  You set the kid up, he gave you way more reaction than you were looking for and then he left the show... I do think he deserves a shot on a UFN or undercard.  In a lot of ways, they screwed the kid over... I do think they owe him a shot.

sgavin, I also agree that it wasn't fair that he got singled out. I think the producers probably viewed it as an opportunity to create drama on the show, and drama always makes for interesting viewing.

Regardless, that is a moment in time that he'll never get back. Did he make the right decision? To most people, he fucked up royally. But everybody walks through life on their own, so maybe it was the best choice for him.

Bad choice on Noah's part. Maybe they were testing him, but a lot of people in the house were being tested simply by being away from their wives and children, not by being away from a girl they had been dating for 5 months.


I agree with you that he f'd up royally... he might not think so, but in the end he still has to look at himself in the mirror... as long as he's happy with what he sees, then good for him.

The fact is though, he was singled out.  They didn't create drama for everyone... he was singled out, and i do think it was unfair.  For that reason, i really think they owe him a chance at redemption... also, he'd make a great heel :-).

I dont see how he deserves to be on the card given that he chose to walk away and not complete to show. Is there any update on what's happened with him since he left the show? Did he patch things up with his future wife? What is mr noah doin these days, stokcing shelves at the local wal mart perhaps?

I would like some royalties for the use of that picture:)


but there were others who refused to fight, with no excuse. Didnt tait refuse to come back?

I would much rather see NOAH fight again than Tait .

tait chose not to fight again also, noah just wanted a phone call

doesnt deserve to be on it IMO

If it was that she just discovered she had Colon Cancer, or some messed up stuff like that? Hell yea, I'd leave the show. But she thinks your cheating on her, cuz she heard some gossip? Pffft....If she can't even wait till your off the show to sort that out, and find the truth, you don't need the ho anyhow.

Noah asked for a phone call to try to make sure when the 6 weeks was up, he didn't go home to a clusterfuck.  Mind you, i'm not saying that i agree with him, but...  I do think they set him up, and i do think because of that, they owe him a chance.

LOL @ anyone thinking that they owe him something. He wasn't singled out, he was the only who's stupid girlfriend mailed a retarded letter. How did they single him out?